survival horror

Survival horror inspired by cult classics and stories of the occult.

The Story

"I got a phone call about a week ago from a Trust & Estates Lawyer. He informed me that my grandfather had passed away. My mother wasn’t willing to speak with him on settling the inheritance passed down through next of kin.  

He found my number to see if I could convince her to reconsider, as it was a sizable property…  

My mother told me my grandfather died before I was born. I couldn’t help but feel betrayed after hearing that he was alive all these years and only a short flight away. She is not an unreasonable or vindictive woman, quite the opposite, but rarely spoke of her parents or upbringing.  

After a week of consideration I’ve decided to take an absence from work and travel to my grandfather’s house without my mother’s knowledge to see the estate myself. Hopefully I’ll learn about who he was and get closure on the years we may have missed together."

The Manor

The manor and surrounding properties sprawl into a maze of corridors, bedrooms, foyers, libraries, studies, galleries, gardens, and more.

Filled with puzzles, traps, and hidden passageways that keep the player exploring and solving the secrets of the manor.

The Guests

You are not alone, the occupants and even manifestations of the manor itself keep the player running, hiding, or fighting for your life.

The game will be available for download in 2019

Deathbloom - Gameplay Trailer (beta)

Update 01

September 2018

After a year of development the beta gameplay trailer for Deathbloom has been released.

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"...and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Matthew 13:50



Vancouver, Canada